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Our expert Image Consultants have gone through extensive training to learn our science-based color analysis process, teach you our famous 90 second makeup routine, and identify your unique style profile based on your individual body geometrics combined with your one-of-a-kind personality!


  • Rosemary Klein  headshot

    Rosemary Klein

    Excelsior, MN

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  • Brittany Gauntt headshot

    Brittany Gauntt

    Coppell, TX

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  • Katie Tenney headshot

    Katie Tenney

    Lake Minnetonka, MN

    I help people show up to life as their best self. And I have experienced it firsthand. In 2015, I had a color & style analysis with House of Colour & it changed my life. It might sound wild, but I honestly became more confident in who I was and what I brought to the world.

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  • Julie Haylor  headshot

    Julie Haylor

    Cleveland West Side, OH

    When I had my colors done I was at a point in my life where I just needed a change.  For a lack of a more professional word, I needed some "oomph" in how I saw myself in the mirror and who I presented to the world.  Having my colors and style done gave me the push I needed to accept that it is completely fine and necessary to take time for myself and that it could be fun to get dressed from the closet I had created.  One of the greatest gifts of owning a House of Colour franchise is having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people who leave my studio seeing themselves in a whole new wonderful light!  Having your color and/or style done is powerful, fun, exciting, joyful and dare I say, a little life changing! I encourage you to reach out to me so I can take you on this colorful and stylish journey and help you find some extra "oomph" along the way!

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  • Roz Williams  headshot

    Roz Williams

    Roswell, GA

    I love that every day I have a direct impact on empowering my clients to feel confident in their unique natural beauty and personality.

    I’ll work with you to ensure that you know how to organize, plan, and wear your closet to its fullest potential. Your closet will match your coloring, personality, and body type.

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  • Ashley Lynn headshot

    Ashley Lynn

    Wilmette, IL

    Getting your colors done by House of Colour will give you a new found confidence. The eye loves harmony so when you surround yourself with the right colors from make-up, clothing and hair color…YOU show up – clearer, healthier, younger. Let me help you find your best colors so going shopping and getting ready will be much easier!

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  • Hannah Garber  headshot

    Hannah Garber

    Nashville West, TN

    I can see you now...you're searching through your closet trying to put together the perfect outfits for a trip with your girlfriends. You want to look your best, but nothing in your closet is right. You jump online and quickly overnight ship whatever appears to be the new "it" looks; not really knowing if it's even right for you.

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  • Jordan Peppmuller  headshot

    Jordan Peppmuller

    Lincoln, NE

    My mission is to engage, motivate, and ignite passion within others to build a strong, uplifting, and connected community. Everyone deserves to feel empowered, confident, and beautiful in their own skin. My goal is to help you understand the power of color/style and living each day as your best, most confident, self. Learn More
  • Genna Thomas headshot

    Genna Thomas

    Richardson, TX

    I'm so excited to curate confidence through helping you understand which colors and clothes are best for the way you were uniquely created!

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  • Marti Read headshot

    Marti Read

    Tulsa, OK

    Confidence in what you wear is so important. When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you perform good and everyone notices.  

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  • Lindy Day  headshot

    Lindy Day

    Northeast Seattle, WA

    Want that effortless put together look? That look that has high impact with minimal effort. Want the tools that will help you build an incredible wardrobe suited for any occasion your lifestyle requires? I am here to help! and look forward to helping you start your transformation!

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  • Nicole Allen headshot

    Nicole Allen

    Champaign, IL

    Building confidence through color and style! 

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  • Heather Faulkner headshot

    Heather Faulkner

    Owasso, OK

    Have you ever felt like you just didn't quite know what color or style looked best on you? I always second guessed myself when it came to these decisions.

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  • Tarcela Knight  headshot

    Tarcela Knight

    Laurel, MD

    As a military spouse and mom of 2, I truly understand how we can lose ourselves in the chaos of life. I am excited to share the tools and knowledge to empower every person to be their authentic self without the stress of fitting into a trend that isn't theirs. You are more than enough and you deserve to show up every day with a confidence that's reflected inside and out. Learn More
  • Louise Hall headshot

    Louise Hall

    La Jolla, San Diego, CA

    In 2007, House of Colour changed my life. After a life of constant worry over what to wear and how I was being perceived, both at work and socially, I found confidence and joy in my closet. Now I am thrilled to be able to deliver the same confidence and joy to my own clients!

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  • Abby Nagel  headshot

    Abby Nagel

    Fort Wayne Southwest, IN

    I'm here to amplify the beauty that already exists within YOU by unlocking your true colors and your most authentic style. Knowing your colors and style is a life changing experience You'll leave feeling empowered, confident, and beautiful. I'm excited to guide you along this journey and give you the colorful tools needed to feel like the best version of yourself.

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  • Jordan Ritchie headshot

    Jordan Ritchie

    Gladwin, MI

    Winter – Natural Ingenue

    House of Colour is simply fascinating. The day I found out my season, my life completely changed! Getting ready each day has become so much fun for me, and I look forward to it each morning. I wish I had access to this amazing service when I was a child – I could have saved myself so much time, energy, AND money. I want to help YOU look and feel your BEST by showing you how to be intentional with the colors you choose to fill your closet with!

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  • Allyson Heathcott headshot

    Allyson Heathcott

    Montgomery, TX

    I look forward to helping people look and feel amazing through color analysis and personal style.

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  • Hannah Potts headshot

    Hannah Potts

    Cookeville, TN

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  • Teresa Rowen headshot

    Teresa Rowen

    Waukee, IA

    Begin Your Personal Journey

    In the Color Analysis session, I use world-renowned color theory and proven processes to identify the colors that suit you, so you can project the very best aspects of your appearance to the world. You will walk out of my studio, both excited and re-energized having learned what colors make you look your best - healthier, more vibrant, and a fantastic boost to your self confidence.

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  • Sarah Buchholz headshot

    Sarah Buchholz

    Sidney, NE

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  • Keisha Carson   headshot

    Keisha Carson

    Kearney, NE

    Let me show you how to simplify your life!

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  • Carolyn Rector  headshot

    Carolyn Rector

    Austin, TX

    My focus is to bring out your natural beauty by showing you how to surround yourself with the best colors and shapes for YOU with House of Colour’s unique and tailored Color and Style Analysis services.

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  • Nikki Snow  headshot

    Nikki Snow

    Louisville, KY

    I absolutely love giving you the gift of confidence through color analysis. It is so easy to fall into the trap of comparison and focusing on the negative. Color analysis will help you highlight your own unique beauty, and help you feel like the best version of you. I am honored to be a part of your journey! Learn More
  • Michelle Olson  headshot

    Michelle Olson

    Hickman, NE

    Hi everyone, I’m Michelle. My love of fashion started at the age of six with my first pair of Converse sneakers with bright colorful laces. I was able to make my fashion dreams come true when I joined the House of Colour Lincoln team in 2020 with the goal of inspiring others through color and fashion. Learn More
  • Linzy Duncan  headshot

    Linzy Duncan

    Palm Beach, FL

    The idea of color analysis instantly fascinated me. I made my appointment hopeful I would learn why I spent so many hours looking for an outfit I liked in my oversized wardrobe only to be frustrated. Learn More
  • Katie Braga headshot

    Katie Braga

    Papillion, NE

    The power behind knowing your best colors helps take the guess work out of looking and feeling your best! Want to walk in a room or have a seat at the table with confidence? Let me help you discover what this looks like for you! 

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  • Alise Shatoff headshot

    Alise Shatoff

    San Diego, CA


    If you want to look your best, feel amazing and communicate confidence and authenticity every day...you've come to the right place!

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  • Micah Gorden headshot

    Micah Gorden

    Council Bluffs, IA

    If I were to be honest, I initially wasn't very excited about going to my color analysis but, it was a girls day with my mom and sisters and I wasn't about to miss it. I walked in thinking I had nothing to gain and walked out having gained a whole new sense of self confidence and empowerment.

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  • Bailey Clampitt  headshot

    Bailey Clampitt

    Tulsa, OK

    Hi!! I'm Bailey. I’m here to help you look and feel your very best. Sounds like a good time, right? If you've ever seen the movie "Inside Out", I'm a lot like the character Joy. I am rooting for you and want the absolute best for you!

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  • Jan Bleier & Jackie  Dudley  headshot

    Jan Bleier & Jackie Dudley

    Pittsburgh, PA

    We are passionate about the life changing effects that occur with a color analysis - it happened to us!

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  • Colleen Lunsford  headshot

    Colleen Lunsford

    Blue Bell, PA

    Looking and feeling your best isn't about chasing styles or colors that are trending. It's about knowing the styles and colors that will amplify your features and personality! Knowing your season and style personality will help you highlight what works best for you as an individual! It's you, but better!!

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  • Erin Morgan  headshot

    Erin Morgan

    Dallas, TX

    House of Colour is more than a business, it is a way to change people's lives. I want to help others embrace their natural inner beauty while letting it shine on the outside. Knowing your personal color season and style is about simplifying your shopping, creating a cohesive wardrobe, but most importantly it gives you confidence and joy in how you've been created. Every client is a chance to bring more light into this world through the power of color!

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  • Merry Leigh Dameron  headshot

    Merry Leigh Dameron

    Asheville Metro, NC

    My goal is to empower you to create a wardrobe that is an expression of your best self! Through personalized color and style classes, you will have the confidence to create a capsule wardrobe that is truly unique to you. Learning my best colors and style was an empowering and enriching process that has helped me show up for myself and others confidently and authentically, and it is a true joy and privilege to help others do the same. Color and Style Analysis will truly change the way your shop and dress for the rest of your life, and I can't wait to be a part of your journey!

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  • Desiree Nichols  headshot

    Desiree Nichols

    West Des Moines, IA

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  • Crystal Thurber  headshot

    Crystal Thurber

    Anthem, Phoenix, AZ

    My passion has always been encouraging, building up and believing in others until they believe in themsleves and become the very best they can possibly be! House of Colour is another way I get to do exactly that. I can not wait to help you find your best colors that make your natural beauty radiate and shine not only from the inside out, but the outside in!

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  • Ellen McKinney headshot

    Ellen McKinney

    Mount Airy Northern Piedmont, NC

    After having my colors done, I literally thought that everyone needs to do this!

    The experience of Color & Style Analysis changed everything about how I see myself and my wardrobe. What a gift! These experiences combined foster confidence and the freedom to be exactly who you have been created to be. You truly cannot understate how powerful this entire experience is!

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  • Anne Wilke headshot

    Anne Wilke

    Laguna Niguel, CA

    I am thrilled to bring House of Colour to CA!

    My friend Karen Blanc completed a color/style analysis for my daughter, my husband, and me in 2014. What a revelation!

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  • Merideth Waltman headshot

    Merideth Waltman

    Plano, TX

    Hi, I'm so glad you found me! I can't wait to help you discover your natural beauty and authentic style through this incredible process!

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  • Jayne Stark headshot

    Jayne Stark

    Pella, IA

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  • Ashley Bundy headshot

    Ashley Bundy

    Ashland, NE

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  • Melany Carlos headshot

    Melany Carlos

    Arlington, VA

    What I love about House of Colour is that it’s not just about color and clothes, it’s about confidence. Not about buying more but purchasing wisely. Not about fashion but about feeling authentic.

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  • Debora Vogel headshot

    Debora Vogel

    Sioux Falls West, SD

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  • Meredith Wooderson  headshot

    Meredith Wooderson

    Austin, TX

    At House of Colour, our mission is to empower you to become your own best stylist! I offer personalized classes in color and style that will give you the confidence to create a look that is truly unique to you. Color and Style Analysis will change the way your shop and dress for the rest of your life... no exaggeration!

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  • Genevieve Kacmar  headshot

    Genevieve Kacmar

    Northwest Boston, MA

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  • Linda Davis headshot

    Linda Davis

    Kansas City, Kansas & St. Louis, MO

    I don’t just make you look fabulous, I’ll empower you with the knowledge of your very best colors, cuts and styles, so that you know how to look your very best, every single day. I make the process of getting dressed fun, and easy.

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  • Angela Putt  headshot

    Angela Putt

    Granger, IN

    Whether you spend your day in power suits or yoga pants or something in between, you deserve to feel your best in what you wear!

    I can’t tell you how empowering it is to know what looks and feels best on me… but I can SHOW you! It’s not about just following the trends or grabbing the same lip color that you loved on your best friend – because those may not work for you.

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  • Rachael Lewis  headshot

    Rachael Lewis

    Minnetrista, MN

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  • Caitlin Markham headshot

    Caitlin Markham

    North Charleston , SC

    "Color is a power which directly influences the soul."-Wassily Kandinsky

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  • Rachel Hinsley headshot

    Rachel Hinsley

    Sadler, TX

    I am thrilled to share the House of Colour experience with others to help them find JOY in themselves, their colors, and their closets!  Making people feel special and celebrating their uniqueness is important to me.  I want to cheer my clients on to confidence and have lots of FUN in the process!  My aspiration is to make the color analysis process in my studio like making a new (fun) friend.

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