Rebecca Smart

Hey friend! I'm Rebecca, a Summer that masqueraded as an Autumn for SO many years. After experiencing the process and seeing others in the group gain confidence and truly light up when shown their best colors,I felt sure I had found something that would be a part of my life forever. I knew I wanted to own a studio and be able to offer others the experience I was given. Now that I know what looks great on me, it takes me so much less time to get ready. As a mom of three small children, any amount of time saved makes a huge difference.

One thing I am super passionate about is encouraging people to be the best possible version of themselves.I genuinely love people and watching individuals find their true beauty is amazing! House of Colour has given me the tools to provide an instant confidence boost for so many people. 

My goal through this business is to provide you with the confidence and ability to live filter free. I want you to feel incredible about yourself, every single day. By discovering the colors that enhance your natural beauty, you will leave knowing you can look and feel fantastic all the time.Your consultation will allow you to narrow down your wardrobe and stop wasting money on items that sit unworn in your closet. Get ready to build a wardrobe that looks amazing on you! Please reach out to me with any questions that you have, I can't wait to hear from you.

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