Melany Carlos

A color and style consultation leaves you with that joyous feeling of freedom and possibility when you look in your closet or walk into a store.

It was not always like this for me. I spent many mornings frantically searching through my stuffed closet for something to wear only to give up and put on yoga pants and start my day feeling mediocre. Buying and trying hundreds of lipsticks or new makeup colors only to throw them into a drawer with the rest of the cosmetics that just didn’t quite feel right. I remember as a child my grandmother always looked amazing, but I remember watching her “put herself together” and it really took some time. So, it just never seemed feasible for me to do the same. Who has that kind of time anymore?

What my House of Colour consultation gave me was the knowledge, tools and confidence to build a smaller capsule wardrobe. I have a clutter free closet with less clothes, but so many more outfits. The clothes all work together and best of all they work for me. It takes no time at all to get dressed and I’m done with a professional makeup look in less than 90 seconds!

Imagine feeling confident and authentic walking into a first date, final interview, first day of preschool pick up, a final pitch to an important client or just an every day Saturday. If you are uncomfortable when you are, ‘put together’ something is not right, and I would love to help. I became a House of Colour consultant because I want to inspire others to celebrate their own natural beauty. Highlighting what makes them unique in the best way using color and style.