Marissa Ray

I felt all these things before I treated myself to a color consultation in 2016. My world changed in a little over an hour. I now consider myself a recovering black-and-white-aholic. I learned my dark summer palette makes my blue eyes sparkle and my skin glow just by what I’m wearing. I also fell in love with lipstick! And my natural ingenue clothing personality allows me to feel confident that my clothes share suit me. I started getting compliments left and right so I knew I needed to share the experience of color and style with others. Imagine having a closet full of clothes you love and that love you back. Feel confident getting dressed every morning knowing your clothes express beautiful you. Live life with your own personal instagram filter to make you look amazing just by the colors and style you wear. I’m here to help through personalized color and style consultations to teach you the best colors and neutrals as well as your clothing personality and fit to make you feel beautiful and confident every time you get dressed. I love walking through the transformation with my clients as they learn to love their color season and clothing personality. Schedule a consultation to see for yourself the magic of your personal WOW colors and unique clothing personality to get excited about getting dressed again. God made you beautiful and, with the right colors and style, you can shine naturally. I am excited to help you help you simplify the way you dress and shop. The investment in a personal color analysis or style consultation can benefit anyone who wears clothes! I offer personalized color analysis and, starting in March of 2020, comprehensive style consultations in my Eden Prairie studio by appointment. I can also bring my studio to you for a pop-up party anywhere in the midwest.