Kelly Petitto

My 13-year old daughter and I traveled over 500 miles for our color analysis.  This was during the pandemic when neither of us were feeling our best. I was looking for something to cheer us up and my daughter was game for the adventure. She wore a school uniform during the week and seemed to struggle with how to dress in her free time.  She always seemed to lean toward black. However, learning her best colors has definitely helped her choose clothes more wisely and she gets excited when she spots her colors in her favorite stores. She also knows what will look great for school dance dresses, senior pictures, her first business suit and the perfect shade of white for a wedding (some day). As she started to wear makeup, she also learned that wearing the right makeup meant less is more. This experience helped me to get more in touch with a younger generation and it was such a fun mother/daughter experience. I highly recommend color analysis for everyone, but I have a sweet spot for the teens and tweens.

I want everyone who visits my studio to walk away feeling confident knowing what their best colors are and how to implement them into their life. Each client will know how to make the greatest impact with their new knowledge, have the tools to shop smarter and a plan of action to transition their wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

Although most clients begin their journey with color, I've had several clients return to me for style analysis.  Style allows you dress in a way that honors your body architecture and personality AND fits into your lifestyle. Knowing what features and details work best for you is key to feeling confident.  Say goodbye to the days of being influenced to buy something because it looks great on someone else.  Understanding how to dress your own unique, beautiful body is powerful and sends the message of how you wish to be perceived by others. 

Since being in business for the past two years, I've also expanded my services to include makeup classes, personal shopping, closet edits and Advanced Colour sessions. 

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