April Coulter

Prior to discovering House of Colour, I primarily wore black and neutrals. Then I discovered I was a Winter! Bright and Vivid? Acid Yellow?! Not a color I would have EVER considered but I now receive compliments EVERY time I wear it!

I have spent my 20+ year career in Information Technology at a Fortune 100 company trying to ‘blend in’ since I primarily worked with men. Since having my colors done, I have completely transformed my wardrobe and have never felt more confident showing up in color!

I was absolutely amazed when I experienced a closet that harmonized and items that easily mixed and matched. Getting dressed became so easy and fun!  Your overwhelming closet can become exciting and enjoyable too! I can’t wait to help you save time, energy, and money. I am confident you will appreciate making this investment in you!  EVERYONE should have this done. It is an investment that will pay dividends for years.  I promise you that this will simplify your shopping, your makeup, and your closet!  Discover how you can enhance your own natural beauty (without an esthetician!) and feel better than you ever have!

Color analysis and make up is just the start!  I can also assist in closet edits, shopping, and style!

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