Rebekah Latham

House of Colour is unlike any other “self help”, “how to”, or “makeover” business - it’s a lifestyle change that empowers you to level up your looks - just as you are. Starting with a colour analysis, I will discover what colors make you sparkle. I will teach you how to put those colors on your body from make-up to clothing to accessories.

Then in a style analysis - we will find the clothing personality that makes you shine. Unlike the fairy godmother, I don’t disappear after the ball. I am here to help you as you continue your style and color journey through closet clean outs, personal shopping trips, make up lessons, look book subscriptions and more.

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Marilyn Monroe once said “We are all stars but we must learn how to shine”. I relearned how to shine when I had my colors done after the birth of my daughter - a time many women feel drab and not themselves. Learning my colors helped me find the clothing and make up that made me feel like the star of my own life - back in my own power despite all the changes going on around me. Even knowing my best lipstick colors gave me more confidence and brought my own beauty into focus.
Unlike the celebrities that need a team of people to get ready, with the House of Colour tools you will be your own glam squad. In fact, sometimes the right lipstick in the right colors is the only star power you need! 

Remember Cinderella and Marilyn Monroe both changed their lives with the right dress, the right shoes, and the right make-up. When you know your best colors and your style - magic happens and you are unstoppable.

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