Maria Giallanza

At the time, I was nearing the end of a divorce, turning 50, running my own business, and raising two young daughters. I NEEDED an infusion of color in my life. Black has always been my go-to color. While I did have some other colors, I wasn't comfortable wearing them or putting outfits together. Shopping was frustrating, a waste of time & money and I brought home items I never wore. So, I invested in my Color Analysis and Personal Style Consultation. They gave me the tools I needed to start creating my best look. I came home and purged my jewelry, makeup, clothes, and accessories. Shopping is finally fun! Now I can go into my closet blindfolded, pick any combination and it works perfectly! Investing in your color and style analysis literally creates a feeling of personal power. Whether you’re young, mature, male or female you feel more vibrant, you feel more confident, and you feel more like your true self. It's an AMAZING experience! With the great feedback I got from friends, family, and clients, I realized that I'd like to help others see THEIR potential with House of Colour. Now I can help YOU look awesome from head to toe! Address: Maria Giallanza Salon, 33200 Bainbridge Rd, Ste B, Solon, OH 44139 (By Appointment Only)