Magan Blasig

I vividly remember telling my consultant, Mackenzie Holik, that I was an autumn. She rocked my world when we discovered I am a summer. Instead of the earthy, mustard colors and red hair I'd been living in, I need to swap to a cooler, more watercolored look. I went home, walked into my closet to assess, and then immediately turned around, overwhelmed.

Mackenzie helped me figure out where to start and I committed to wearing my colors to see what happened. Once I saw the comparison of the cool, summer colors on me versus what I had been wearing, I couldn't UNsee it, and piece by piece, I began to make a change. I stripped my closet of the clothes that were out of season, gave them to friends, and organized my closet in the same color order as my HOC wallet.

When I saw my hair stylist the next time, we slowly began working my hair to a more summery tone and that's when I really began to see the magic happen. I noticed that I looked more alive, less tired, and that I felt more approachable and cheerful.

The style class with Mackenzie took my wardrobe to the next level and I felt like I'd been given permission to embrace what I really wanted to dress in... that I didn't have to conform to the trendy styles that quickly and frequently change. I could just be ME.

After a year and a half of living a more colorful life, it became apparent to me that I want to help others feel comfortable and confident in their wardrobes, too. My body has fluctuated a lot over the last five years and at times, that's not been the easiest thing to embrace.

How do I dress?

What looks best on me?

And furthermore -- what makeup do I wear?

Oh, if I could go back and get refunds for all the money I spent at Sephora on all the wrong colors. I held the Sephora Rogue shopper status which means...a LOT of money was sunk into trying to get it right and figure it all out.

I am so excited to help you find the right colors to enhance your best features. Color is transformative and powerful. It has changed my life and I cannot wait to impact yours.