Krista Messer

I was born and raised in rural North Dakota and I’m the proud owner of House of Colour Central ND! I live on my grandparent's farm near Buchanan, ND with my husband and two children; Harvey and Pippa. My background is in education and after graduating from NDSU I spent six years teaching Kindergarten and one-year teaching Pre-K. During that time, I also earned my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

In 2020 life sent me in a new direction when I came across House of Colour. I was intrigued by the process and the science behind the services. I could not wait to discover my best colors and styles. I was ready to simplify my shopping experiences and create a cohesive closet. After researching the company more, with my mom as my associate, we decided HOC was something we needed to be a part of, and House of Colour Central ND was born.

Through my teaching career, I learned valuable skills that allow me to effectively deliver important information to my clients, and leadership skills to manage my growing House of Colour team. I joke that I used to teach children all about colors, now I do the same but with adults!

Are you ready to live your life in color and style? I hope to meet you soon!

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