Jordan Ritchie

Did you know that on average, Americans only wear 15% of our clothing 85% of the time?! Millions of $ are wasted each year on clothing that don't love us back.  I can help you know what color and style of clothing to buy so you are intentional with your shopping.  After a session with me, you will have the knowledge and power to fill your closet with all the things you love AND have the confidence in knowing that they are your most flattering colors and fits!

Color Analysis:

Using precision dyed drapes, we will find out what colors best suit YOU! We will take a look at your undertones and see what colors bring out the best you. You just never know what season you will be until you sit in the color chair! {2 hr appointment}

Style Analysis:

I will help you dress your body AND personality.  You'll leave your appointment knowing what type of necklines look best on you. In addition, we will explore what scale of patterns and jewelry are most flattering on you. I will teach you how to dress so that your outside matches your inside! {4 hr appointment}

I would be honored to serve you in my studio.  Please reach out if you  have any questions!

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