Jodi Guill

After a unique process of science and color draping you'll leave my chair knowing what makeup colors help enhance your inner glow and you'll walk away with a leather wallet filled with your "wow" colors to help you shop, ones that harmonize with the natural coloring you were born with.  I can't wait for you to see the magic happen!

I have a background in mentoring women in their businesses and I've always emphasized the importance of being authentically YOU so when I heard about color analysis I thought what an amazing gift to know your colors.  After I had my own color and style done I felt like I was ready to level up in my wardrobe, my life, my career. It all the sudden gave me "permission" to build my dream closet and weed out what wasn't doing me any favors. It allowed me to show up for myself, my family and my career in new found confidence.  I had to be a part of this and I'm blessed to call myself one of Karen Blanc's associates.

What an incredible feeling to know everything in your makeup bag and wardrobe works for you and makes you feel good. YOUR colors are always in season and your style won't change with the fads. We teach you how to step in and own them. That's what I want to offer you. I have a passion for helping men and women love who God truly made them to be. Let's discover a whole other level of YOU!

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