Erin Bass

I also have a passion for "pre-loved" fashion.  As a former clothing consignment shop owner I have seen first hand many women buying large amounts of clothes they don't love.  The color analysis and style consultations that House of Colour offer, provide solutions on how to dress men's and women's bodies in clothing they will love and wear.

After having a color analysis and style consultation, clients usually all have the same problem, a pile of clothing and accessories that aren't for them anymore.  I want to take my experience in consignment and help clients earn money for their "pre-loved" items.  It helps the owner find a new home for their quality fashion and earn money while giving the buyer an inexpensive way to find new items in their season to start to build their new wardrobe.

Over the last 20 years the fashion industry has dramatically changed.  New clothing lines are being released on a weekly basis resulting in consumers feeling like they need more.  As a result men and women are buying more than ever which is contributing to the second largest pollutant to our planet, textile and clothing waste.  I want to do my part in educating clients on how to make smart purchases, how to stretch their dollars and find clothing and accessories that they love and can't wait to wear.

Lastly I am excited and blessed to be working with Karen Blanc.  She has built an amazing House of Colour business and is an icon in the House of Colour family.  She has truly changed lives with color, mine included.  I am inspired by her and can't wait to share this life changing experience with others.

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