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Find Your Expert Stylist

Our expert Image Consultants have gone through extensive training to learn our science-based color analysis process, teach you our famous 90 second makeup routine, and identify your unique style profile based on your individual body geometrics combined with your one-of-a-kind personality!


  • Molly Wagner headshot

    Molly Wagner

    Loveland, OH

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  • Genna Thomas headshot

    Genna Thomas

    Richardson, TX

    I'm so excited to curate confidence through helping you understand which colors and clothes are best for the way you were uniquely created!

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  • Erin Bass headshot

    Erin Bass

    Bennington, NE

    I am passionate about showing people how to enhance the natural beauty they were born with. The color analysis and style consultations give our clients the knowledge, tools and confidence to showcase that beauty to the world.

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  • Fernanda Vazquez headshot

    Fernanda Vazquez

    Northwest Brooklyn, NY

    My goal is to give you the tools and strategies you need to empower you to build a wardrobe that feels authentic to you, and fits your season of life, your taste, and budget.

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  • Angela Putt  headshot

    Angela Putt

    Granger, IN

    Whether you spend your day in power suits or yoga pants or something in between, you deserve to feel your best in what you wear!

    I can’t tell you how empowering it is to know what looks and feels best on me… but I can SHOW you! It’s not about just following the trends or grabbing the same lip color that you loved on your best friend – because those may not work for you.

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  • Katie Braga headshot

    Katie Braga

    Papillion, NE

    The power behind knowing your best colors helps take the guess work out of looking and feeling your best! Want to walk in a room or have a seat at the table with confidence? Let me help you discover what this looks like for you! 

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  • Jordan Peppmuller  headshot

    Jordan Peppmuller

    Lincoln, NE

    My mission is to engage, motivate, and ignite passion within others to build a strong, uplifting, and connected community. Everyone deserves to feel empowered, confident, and beautiful in their own skin. My goal is to help you understand the power of color/style and living each day as your best, most confident, self. Learn More
  • Cindy Ronspies headshot

    Cindy Ronspies

    Lincoln, NE

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  • Sarah Buchholz headshot

    Sarah Buchholz

    Sidney, NE

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  • Kim Armga headshot

    Kim Armga

    Southeast Jacksonville , FL

    I am so excited to bring House of Colour to Jacksonville, Fl. I can't wait to help you see the real you with confidence and clarity.

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  • Jennifer Traynor  headshot

    Jennifer Traynor

    Charlotte Center City, NC

    Time and time again, I’m amazed at this process! Not only do you instantly see just how incredible you can look in colors that bring out your natural beaty, but it makes shopping much simpler AND you will love walking into your closet and knowing that every piece of clothing will flatter you best. I love making women and men feel confident getting dressed each morning, and excited to show up as the best version of themselves!

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  • Megan Rockey  headshot

    Megan Rockey

    Powell, OH

    Have you ever wondered what are the best colors for you to wear? Have you ever struggled finding the right shade of lipstick or blush? Have you ever seen a cute outfit on someone only to buy it and then feel like it was not quite right for you? If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, I can help you!

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  • Krissi Pierce  headshot

    Krissi Pierce

    Ames, IA

    My life was forever changed for the better after I got my own colors and style done, and I knew that I needed to share this with as many people as possible.

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  • Victoria Proscia  headshot

    Victoria Proscia

    Charlottesville, VA

    Walking away from my own Color Analysis appointment with House of Colour, I felt equipped with the knowledge to not only shop with a purpose, but also do an extremely clarifying closet-cleanout. I instantly knew that I wanted to give that same confidence to others as a House of Colour Consultant! Learn More
  • Amy Savage  headshot

    Amy Savage

    Des Moines, IA

    Hello and Welcome! I am so happy you are here, and I would love to answer any questions you have about House of Colour's Color and Style classes! A year ago I heard about this incredible company, and had my colors done. I was very skeptical at first, but after seeing the difference color made in my overall appearance, I was sold!!

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  • Desiree Nichols  headshot

    Desiree Nichols

    West Des Moines, IA

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  • Ally Van Iten headshot

    Ally Van Iten

    Des Moines, IA

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  • Melany Carlos headshot

    Melany Carlos

    Arlington, VA

    What I love about House of Colour is that it’s not just about color and clothes, it’s about confidence. Not about buying more but purchasing wisely. Not about fashion but about feeling authentic.

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  • Barbara Taylor headshot

    Barbara Taylor

    Amelia Island, FL

    My purpose is to empower others through color and style. It isn’t only about clothes, it is about confidence. And confidence changes everything. Learn More
  • Kareen Ulysse  headshot

    Kareen Ulysse

    Suwanee, GA

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  • Kyla Broomfield headshot

    Kyla Broomfield

    Ankeny, IA

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  • Lexi Sherrod headshot

    Lexi Sherrod

    Tyler, TX

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  • Kim Wallar  headshot

    Kim Wallar

    Rowlett, TX

    I am thrilled to bring more color to North Texas!  I’m passionate about helping others find their very best colors and style.  Feeling confident in the way you present yourself to the world is so empowering. Being a franchise owner with House of Colour allows me to further my passion and mission for helping others embrace who they were created to be. I'd love to help you find your season and personal style!

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  • Amber Schneemann headshot

    Amber Schneemann

    Midland, TX

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  • Ashley Shryock headshot

    Ashley Shryock

    Kingdom City, MO

    I promise to help you gain the knowledge and tools in color and style analysis to help you look and feel your most confident.

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  • Caitlyn Guenther headshot

    Caitlyn Guenther

    North Lincoln, NE

    I am incapable of being a part of something I don’t wholeheartedly believe in. Perhaps that is why my role as a House of Colour Consultant comes so naturally to me.

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  • Karen Blanc headshot

    Karen Blanc

    Oakland, NE

    When people ask what I do, I say "I change peoples' lives... and I do it with COLOR." I help my clients celebrate their uniqueness. I increase peoples' potential. Everyone deserves to know their WOW colors - and a House of Colour consultation will do that for you!

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  • Lauren Williams  headshot

    Lauren Williams

    Marinette, WI

    You've been made with purpose and possibility and I don't want you to waste one moment of this precious life tied up in closet confusion or second-guessing! Few things bring me more joy than helping others find the right colors and clothing styles to bring out their very best.

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  • Cassie Campbell headshot

    Cassie Campbell

    Wahoo, NE

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  • Rosemary Klein  headshot

    Rosemary Klein

    Excelsior, MN

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  • Meredith Wooderson  headshot

    Meredith Wooderson

    Austin, TX

    At House of Colour, our mission is to empower you to become your own best stylist! I offer personalized classes in color and style that will give you the confidence to create a look that is truly unique to you. Color and Style Analysis will change the way your shop and dress for the rest of your life... no exaggeration!

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  • Mackenzie Holik headshot

    Mackenzie Holik

    San Angelo, TX

    Upon learning which colors and styles brought out my most natural beauty, I was amazed at how much my self-confidence level rosexx

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  • Melissa Crangle  headshot

    Melissa Crangle

    Buffalo Southtowns, NY

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  • Heather McQuillan headshot

    Heather McQuillan

    Holdrege, NE

    I had my color analysis appointment in February of 2020, and was shocked to find that I was an autumn (which meant my wardrobe was essentially missing all of my best colors!)

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  • Hannah Garber  headshot

    Hannah Garber

    Nashville West, TN

    I can see you now...you're searching through your closet trying to put together the perfect outfits for a trip with your girlfriends. You want to look your best, but nothing in your closet is right. You jump online and quickly overnight ship whatever appears to be the new "it" looks; not really knowing if it's even right for you.

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  • Caitlin Markham headshot

    Caitlin Markham

    North Charleston , SC

    "Color is a power which directly influences the soul."-Wassily Kandinsky

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  • Marti Read headshot

    Marti Read

    Tulsa, OK

    Confidence in what you wear is so important. When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you perform good and everyone notices.  

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  • Angie Ireton headshot

    Angie Ireton

    Springboro, OH

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  • Test Stylist headshot

    Test Stylist



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  • Carly King headshot

    Carly King

    Flower Mound, TX

    Having lived all over the DFW metroplex over the past 15 years, Carly is excited to serve you and bring more color to North Texas and beyond!

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  • Lori Richardson  headshot

    Lori Richardson

    Kansas City, MO

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  • Christine Swartz headshot

    Christine Swartz

    Loudoun County, VA

    Helping YOU find the joy you deserve to have when you get dressed every day is my mission and my passion and House of Colour provides me with the perfect tools to do just that. Being a teacher, mom of 4, then spending over a decade as a leader in the skincare and accessories market, I’ve gained so much insight and information about all the different ways people of all genders use clothing to speak and serve them!

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  • Brittany Allen  headshot

    Brittany Allen

    Houston, TX

    Knowing your season makes you look and feel your best! It's easy to get a put together look when your clothing, makeup and hair color all harmonize. I love helping people find the colors that make them shine!

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  • Katie Dawson  headshot

    Katie Dawson

    Brentwood, TN

    So glad you are here! I am elated to teach you about your best colors. Learn to find more confidence when making decisions about how you present your authentic self to the world. Consider me your teacher as we walk through color analysis together. Feel fantastic knowing YOU better!

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  • Beth Soria headshot

    Beth Soria

    Chicago, Lincoln Park, IL

    I believe that the most beautiful gift we can be given is the ability to be comfortable in our own skin. House of Colour celebrates the unique nature of YOU by finding your individual color palette that allows you look and feel fabulous, makes getting ready each day a breeze and helps you build a closet that you love!

    I offer color analysis appointments in my studio in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. Come along on my color journey - you won't be disappointed!

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  • Julie Haylor  headshot

    Julie Haylor

    Cleveland West Side, OH

    When I had my colors done I was at a point in my life where I just needed a change.  For a lack of a more professional word, I needed some "oomph" in how I saw myself in the mirror and who I presented to the world.  Having my colors and style done gave me the push I needed to accept that it is completely fine and necessary to take time for myself and that it could be fun to get dressed from the closet I had created.  One of the greatest gifts of owning a House of Colour franchise is having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people who leave my studio seeing themselves in a whole new wonderful light!  Having your color and/or style done is powerful, fun, exciting, joyful and dare I say, a little life changing! I encourage you to reach out to me so I can take you on this colorful and stylish journey and help you find some extra "oomph" along the way!

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  • Erin Brothers  headshot

    Erin Brothers

    VA Beach North, VA

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  • Christina Welch  headshot

    Christina Welch

    San Antonio, TX

    Making an impact, building confidence, and empowering women through style has been at the heartbeat of what I’ve done for more than 20 years - from emceeing fashion shows to many a TV appearance across Texas (even once on the Today Show with KLG & Hoda!) to helping women accessorize one:one and mentoring thousands to do the same.

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  • Heather Faulkner headshot

    Heather Faulkner

    Owasso, OK

    Have you ever felt like you just didn't quite know what color or style looked best on you? I always second guessed myself when it came to these decisions.

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  • Jessa Anderson headshot

    Jessa Anderson

    East Nashville, TN

    Find the colors that love YOU best! Utilizing color science and theory with our special draping technique, we’ll discover which colors best harmonize with your natural undertones. You’ll find out exactly which colors make you look and feel your best (and how to integrate them into your unique lifestyle) whether you’re in pajamas, workout attire, your everyday wardrobe, or headed to the most significant events in your life. I can't wait to see you in my color studio!

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